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Transform Your Food Business

We are the leading consultancy for bespoke food ingredients solutions. Our plug and play service delivers consistency, scalability, recipe confidentiality, and cost-saving measures. Contact us today to learn more.



Having sourced for the finest and purest ingredients from around the world for 50 years, TS Food Solutions was established to bring new culinary experiences to our customers through food solutions.  


Over the years, our team has expanded to include food scientists, culinary professionals, procurement, logistics and distribution experts.  We adapt and innovate to keep up with the modern consumer, developing tailored solutions for F&B businesses and fostering a sense of community through food.  


With relationships forged by trust and respect, every customer is treated as part of our extended family.  From research & development to packaging & shipping, we are a hands-on partner for every customer, every step of the way.


TS Food Solutions is a bridge between cultures, a catalyst for innovation and a force for positive change.  We connect people through the universal language of food. 



We safeguard the unique recipes and formulations of our clients whilst bringing them food solutions that are authentic, consistent in taste, and simple to prepare.



We want to create an ecosystem for F&B businesses to thrive and innovate with confidence.  Our experience with food ingredients and use of technology brings food solutions that empower business owners to achieve their business goals  




Embark on your journey to work with us by completing a non-Disclosure on Disclosure Agreement

Understanding your needs

We discuss your business needs and goals to better understand how we can help you

Recipe Testing

Your recipe will be created and tested at lab scale to transform it into what you envision it to be

Sensory Testing

We gather your feedback from sensory testing and make necessary tweaks

Product Stability

​Finished products are sealed, treated and inspected in sterile conditions to ensure long shelf life and product stability from the elements

Signing of Supply Contract

Upon confirmation of a satisfactory product, a Supply Contract will ensure consistency in order quality and quantity for your business


Our facility is certified with food safety management systems to ensure hygiene and maximum product quality

Distribution & Delivery

Your finished products will be transported to your business locations to suit your operational schedule




Ready to take your F&B business to the next level?  Get in touch with us today!

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